Learn About Our Community 

Bringing together education leaders and technology experts  to guide the safe, effective, and responsible use of AI in schools  by connecting the discussion of teaching with AI to teaching about AI.

Our Goals


Adoption of effective policies at national, regional, and local levels to support teaching with and about AI.

A community of global education leaders learning from one another and translating policy into practice



Increased capacity of K-12 educators to teach with and about AI, including CS.

Diverse stakeholders from education and industry with a shared vision and language for AI in education.


Educators have wondered:

"Is it cheating to use a chatbot? Is it safe? What is AI? How is our world changing?

And how do I help my students prepare for it?"

To help answer these questions, TeachAI began convening non-profits, education authorities, researchers, associations, non-governmental organizations, and technology companies in early 2023.

Our Shared Values

Center student and educator
needs, with a focus on equity.
Remain agile and responsive
to feedback. 
Harness this moment to

transform teaching and learning.

Avoid reinventing the wheel.
Provide practical, digestible
products that translate
policy to practice.
Seek and share diverse and 
multifaceted perspectives.