Education and Tech Leaders Come Together to Offer Guidance on Integrating AI Safely into Classrooms Worldwide 

TeachAI aims to integrate AI education into primary and secondary curricula worldwide through new reports, policy recommendations, and public engagement opportunities.

- May 2, 2023

AI’s rapid pace of development in recent months offers exciting applications for the classroom, but the unprecedented technology also demands deliberation as the implications are vast.There is a pressing need for updated curriculum standards, courses, tools, and assessments to better prepare students for an age of AI. The global education system must modernize not only how we teach, but also what we teach, and how we measure student success., ETS, ISTE, Khan Academy, and World Economic Forum today announced the formation of TeachAI, bringing together education, nonprofit, and technology partners to develop a practical framework to assist governments and education authorities with integrating artificial intelligence (AI) into primary and secondary curricula worldwide safely and ethically.

This new effort will convene technology leaders such as Amazon, Cisco, Microsoft, and OpenAI, education organizations such as AASA (The School Superintendents Association), College Board, Council of Chief State School Officers, National Association of State Boards of Education, National School Boards Association, leading university researchers and equity-focused groups such as Black in AI and National Center for Women & Information Technology (NCWIT), as well as education ministries and associations from Brazil, Germany, Kenya, Malaysia, South Korea, UAE, UK, and other countries from six continents. These organizations reach millions of teachers and hundreds of millions of students worldwide. Read the complete list of participants at

TeachAI’s direct impact on education

TeachAI is committing to offer guidance to governments and educational leaders on how to adapt to the needs of an increasingly AI-driven world and connecting the discussion of teaching with AI to teaching about AI and computer science. The group will take proactive steps to protect student safety, respect student privacy rights, and address issues of bias and misinformation. These issues shouldn’t be an afterthought and will be addressed from the launch of TeachAI and be significantly reflected in TeachAI outputs.

Here is how we plan to make a direct impact on classrooms globally:

Policy recommendations and best practices for teaching with AI

TeachAI will produce best practice guidelines for policymakers, education leaders, classroom educators, parents, and companies offering valuable insights on incorporating AI in primary and secondary education curriculum standards, courses, tools, assessments, and professional learning.

This effort will also attempt to re-envision the purpose of education writ large. We need to modernize how we teach and assess what we teach by reconsidering whether educational subjects and learning objectives will matter in light of ongoing AI developments.

Updating primary and secondary computer science frameworks to include AI

Since 2016, the K-12 Computer Science Framework has guided education systems throughout the U.S. and some countries in implementing computer science curricula in primary and secondary schools. TeachAI will create recommendations for a global audience, reflecting the need for CS instruction to teach about AI and using AI. This work will guide standards, curriculum, professional learning, assessments, and policy.

Public engagement opportunities for educators and administrators

In addition to producing reports and guidelines, TeachAI will engage the broader education community through webinars, blog posts, emails, and social media to collect feedback and share learnings.

Steering Committee and Individual AI Initiatives

TeachAI will be coordinated by a steering committee formed by, Educational Testing Service (ETS), International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE), Khan Academy, and World Economic Forum.

Here is how these organizations are harnessing the power of AI in Education., dedicated to expanding access to computer science education in schools worldwide, is working to bring AI education and AI tools into every classroom through curriculum, teacher training, and tools. It will enhance its learning platform with AI features to help students become digitally literate citizens in a world that AI will transform.

ETS, a global leader in educational assessment and data, is home to the ETS® AI Labs™, which supports all learners and educators by developing research-based, AI-powered solutions that enable personalized learning paths.

ISTE, a nonprofit organization working with educators from more than 100 countries to accelerate innovation in education, provides professional development for educators on how to use AI to support learning. More than a thousand educators are already participating in ISTE’s AI professional learning programs to help students develop foundational knowledge and skills about AI.

Khan Academy, a global nonprofit with a mission to provide a free, world-class education for anyone, anywhere, recently introduced a pilot of Khanmigo, an AI-powered guide that is a tutor for students and an assistant for teachers.

The World Economic Forum, committed to improving the state of the world by engaging the foremost business, political, cultural and other leaders to shape global, regional and industry agendas, will serve as the key platform for disseminating thought leadership and bringing together the public and private sectors to co-design, test, and implement policies, practices and frameworks that increase the benefits of AI and machine learning in education and learning.​

How to get involved

Want to join us to bring AI into classrooms? Organizations from the public, private, and nonprofit sectors are welcome to join the partnership. Together, we can shape the future of education.

To hear about these new efforts and receive updates as the partnership conducts its convenings, please sign up at

— TeachAI Steering Committee

TeachAI Steering Committee

In coordination with the World Economic Forum