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AI Guidance for Schools Toolkit

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The Toolkit provides an overview of the issues involved in AI in schools, seven principles to consider when developing AI guidance for education systems, real-world guidance examples, sample language, and downloadable resources for staff, parents, and students.

Foundational Policy Ideas for AI in Education

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This resource provides informational briefs, policy ideas, and presentation materials for policymakers to craft responsible policies for teaching with and about AI.

Ethical AI Procurement

AI Use Cases in Education

AI Literacy and Digital Literacy

Global Regulations Influencing AI in Education

EU AI Act Memo: This special brief from TeachAI describes the EU AI Act and its implications on AI in education outside of the European Union.

  • DPA (UK) - The Data Protection Act governs the use of personal data in the United Kingdom.
  • DPDP (India) - The Digital Personal Data Protection Act proposes protections for student data.
  • EU AI Act (EU) -  A legal framework on AI that also addresses the risks of AI in education.
  • GDPR (EU) - The General Data Protection Regulation provides strict data protection and privacy regulations for individuals in the European Union.
  • PIPL (China) - The China Personal Information Protection Law protects student data privacy.


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