Teachers can promote responsible AI use by having students sign agreements describing appropriate practices.

Rules can be implemented as additions to a class syllabus or independent student contracts. Some educators have also conducted class activities where such agreements are co-developed with students to support development of AI literacy. This sample student agreement is for illustrative purposes only, and not as a definitive model.

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Student Agreement on the Use of AI

AI can help me learn better and is important for my future, so I promise to use it the right way and make smart choices.

  1. I will use AI tools responsibly and will not use AI in a way that could harm myself or others.
  2. I will only use AI to support my learning and will follow my school’s rules and teacher’s instructions on when and how to use AI on an assignment.
  3. I will be honest about when I use AI to help with assignments, and I will not turn in work that is fully created by an AI as my own.
  4. If I use AI, I will review its work for mistakes.
  5. I will check with my teacher when unsure about what is acceptable.

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🧩 Sample language when reviewing your class syllabus: AI tools may be used for brainstorming or preliminary research, but using AI to generate answers or complete assignments without proper citation or passing off AI-generated content as one’s own is considered plagiarism.

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Sample Student Agreement on the Use of AI

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